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We have been doing structured wiring for 15 years. Our jobs have ranged from putting in an extra cable or phone outlet in a room to the PA / DATA system at Big Cat Stadium for the University of Minnesota and Morris Area Schools. We have had a lot of design experience with more than 20 custom home installs under our belt. The electronics world is changing fast and if you are not up on it, you will miss out on an opportunity to have some luxuries that will allow you to enjoy that new room or whole house to its full potential.

We also have a repair background in electronics so we can tell you why something will or will not work.

A lot of decisions in building a house or adding on to an existing home can be stressful. The last thing we want is to put more stress on you, so we do all the leg work for you in finding that perfect system to fit your need. We also explain the bid in full detail so there are no surprises.

    The Process




When do I call you?


You can call us as soon as you have a floor plan. We then go through the floor plan and determine what is going to make the home of your dreams that much more enjoyable. We need to be in the home or addition before the insulation goes in.


What if what we want is not in our budget?


We all have our financial limits and once we figure out what you want, then we will figure out how much you want to pay for it. There are many different product price levels. Some levels are worth it and some are not. All in all, we will be your audio, video, and data general contractor. At the bare minimum we can pull the wires for the system you want and leave everything in enclosures in the ceiling or wall. Then the system can be installed at a later date without the hassle of trying to run wires through finished ceilings and walls.

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Low Voltage Certified, SBCA Certified & Licensed Contractor (TS001288)

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